Vehicle wraps are the easiest way to convert your company truck into a rolling billboard.

Sign2Day can turn any vehicle into a marketing tool. Just think about how often your company car or truck is out in public. Now, think about it having professional graphics. It will never stop working during these times, bringing attention to your company brand. These rolling billboards are one of the greatest ways to create your own mobile marketing.

Graphic design work by Sign2Day marketing company.In a world where traffic and cell phones exist, it’s easy for your logo and contact info to be near a person in need of your service when the sun is shining. It can supplement your marketing strategy in a huge way. When parked at home, on a job site or in a parking lot, it’s working to build your company’s revenue stream. When on the road, it is like a billboard that moves with the traffic. When available for a photo, it’s like a digital business card that a potential client has in their photo library.

The research shows this to be a worthwhile investment. Average Americans spend so much time on the road, that 95 percent of this country’s residents see marketing messages while in their cars. Of those, 30 percent of mobile phone users make their buying decisions based on vehicle wrap advertising. Based on local traffic numbers and driving habits, vehicle wraps can generate between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions daily. Impressions equal the number of eyeballs viewing such messages.


Sign2Day Helps with ALL Your Marketing Needs

Folding sign design by Sign2DayThe Sign2Day artists can create logos, fliers, business cards, yard signs, videos, brochures, display backgrounds, vehicle wraps, websites, and more. In addition to the collateral, the company’s marketing experts offer strategies to build brand awareness, which ultimately builds revenue streams. Sign2Day’s digital services extend to search engine optimization (SEO) so web browsers find your company BEFORE they find the competition. They can even produce a video to showcase your products and/or services. These are great for social media content, as users consistently show that video is the most-desired content on these platforms.

Click on this link to read the Sign2Day online reviews and see some of the company’s design work.


Vehicle wrap by Sign2DayContact Sign2Day for Marketing Collateral and Strategies

If you would like more information on Sign2Day’s marketing strategies and collateral, contact the office staff here. Their marketing experts offer digital and print marketing expertise. The Sign2Day artists can create a brand and the accompanying marketing materials to make your business stand out to potential customers.

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