The Sign2Day staff hopes you have a great Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and the start of the busy Autumn season. Some people are sad (students) summer is over, while others (parents and those who hate the heat) are ready for the home stretch of 2022. No matter your perspective, the Sign2Day marketing professionals hope it Happy Labor Day from Sign2Day marketing companywas a great Summer and hope the Fall is even better. Then, of course the holidays will soon arrive. And as everyone knows Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s seem to all occur in about two weeks.

Sign2Day‘s marketing experts love working on collateral and marketing strategies to help business owners grow their bottom line. Other things they love are holiday trivia and great feedback about their work, because it is a labor love. Below are some facts about the Labor Day holiday and comments from a happy client named Brad.

Most people know that Labor Day in the United States is celebrated early in the month of September. It used to be the last fun weekend before start of the school year. However, many might not know it honors the American labor movement. This movement brought strength, prosperity and well-being to the country as it was booming in the late 19th Century.

Monday, September 5th is the Labor Day holiday.


Labor Day Trivia

* The first ever Labor Day celebrated in the U.S. was on September 5, 1882 in New York City, which was planned by the Central Labor Union.

* Happy Labor Day from Sign2Day marketing companyThe first state to celebrate Labor Day was Oregon. The legal holiday was celebrated in 1887.

* Labor Day was made a National Holiday by Grover Cleveland when he signed an act in 1894, making it a federal holiday.

* Before Labor Day act was passed, an average workday was 12 hours long, seven days a week, even for children of age 5.


Nice Words About Sign2Day’s Labor

We love to hear great feedback about our work. It makes us feel good, because we know that we have met and exceeded expectations. Here are a few words from Brad:

“These prints and layouts are of THE highest quality you will find. Second to none.

Marketing company testimonials by Sign2Day customers.“I had a fairly hard time picking out a logo because they were all done so well. Their customer service was extremely helpful. Can’t say enough nice things and you will immediately notice the volume in calls/leads Sign2day will generate.

“Absolutely recommend!” — Brad S.


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