It is never too late to start an effective marketing campaign, but start NOW to ensure results for the busy fall season.


Effective marketing for back-to-school shopping season and the fallThe back-to-school season is crazy. The stress levels rise like the back-to-school signs in nearly every store you walk into right now.

There’s a reason why back-to-school shopping ads start more than a month before the new clothes and classroom items are purchased at the last minute. There’s a reason why fake pumpkins and fall décor started showing up at local retailers two weeks ago. (Embarrassing Note: This writer is already Effective marketing for back-to-school shopping season and the falldrinking pumpkin-flavored coffee and eating pumpkin-flavored muffins for breakfast.). It’s because average shoppers look ahead, make mental notes and then make a purchase when they are ready.

Service businesses rarely get this luxury, because these “purchases” are often to solve a problem that needs immediate attention. However, some consumers have certain deadlines, which sometimes still get pushed to the last minute. Either way, your company logo, review or another version of your brand NEEDS to be front and center at the time that decision is made.


Cast Your Company Brand Soon and Often

The “casting” of your brand needs to start now, for the purchasing decision that will be made weeks or months from now. You do this for the same reason political candidates — not that they often teach us many good lessons — start advertising LONG before election day. Name recognition is so important Sign2Day custom signs and vehicle wrapsbefore the decision is made. One could even argue that levers are pulled in November simply because one name is known and the other isn’t. It’s a sad reality, but still a reality.

This all means you should be marketing now for results in the next few months. People know what the busy “fall” — starting right after Labor Day on Sept. 5th — involves. Some of those things are chores and some involve professional services for the house, car, etc…. Homeowners are contemplating and keeping their eyes open for professional logos Zip-Action effective marketing logoon a vehicle, yard sign, billboard, business card, door hanger, etc….They will look at images, search online, read reviews and then make a decision. If they see words like “will hire again,” “great work,” “reasonable cost,” connected to a professional image, the will likely make an inquiry.

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Sign2Day Customer Reviews

“This company is cutting edge when it comes to signs that get noticed.”Josh R.

“Had them make hangers, business cards, flyers and magnets for my power washing and Christmas Light installation business. Communication is amazing and very quick deliveries!”Six Point Services

NOTE: Ask your clients for a review on your company’s Google or other online platform(s).


Marketing Advice

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does” – Steuart Henderson Britt

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”Mark Twain


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