Is your 2022 marketing plan maximizing the year’s remaining profits?

Sign2Day marketing approach for higher revenues through print marketing and digital marketing products and marketing strategies.Let’s assume the first half of the year has been busy. Consumers are still buying and those answering the calls are doing well. But, if you don’t take time to get your marketing plan in order, you could miss out on some of the profits to be made before the holidays arrive.

These opportune times often bring out every one who thought of starting a business. That means more competitors in the market. It also means that startups may be hustling and looking to undercut your price. That doesn’t mean you have to devalue your services, because that would be bad for long-term success. It’s also not the time to up prices, only to have to drop them when everything returns to normal. What it does mean, is that you should invest in your brand and build it’s awareness in the local market.

Your Company Brand

There are a number of elements involved in creating a brand. Our experts help with the visual side of the brand, such as logos, colors, marketing tools, etc…. Here are seven indisputable facts and stats about keys to creating and building a successful brand. 

  1. A logo is not a brand, but just part of it.
  2. Seventy-three percent of consumers “love” a brand because of friendly customer service.
  3. Sign2Day marketing approach for brand awareness for higher revenues through print marketing and digital marketing products and marketing strategies.Good design instills confidence in perspective customers.
  4. Good use of color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.
  5. More than 74 percent of online adults use social media sites.
  6. Customer loyalty can be worth 10 times as much as a single purchase.
  7. A brand is a personality that identifies a product or service.

Of course, the marketing brand is only as good as the actual brand. That’s the company reputation assigned to the marketing brand, which is built by the employee’s expertise and attention to excellent customer service.


Sign2Day marketing company for designs and strategy for resultsYour Brand’s Awareness

Once your brand is established, it must be seen by audiences interested in your product or service. The Sign2Day marketing experts want you to have professional marketing materials and a strategy for print and digital platforms. After all, these are where people — depending on their demographic — turn for goods and services. Print displays should look professional and instill confidence. Digital listings need to come Pressure washing logo examples by Sign2Day for brand buildingwith solid reviews, because a professional look without compelling testimonies does not translate into online conversions.

Consider the following questions.

Take a look at your print material and/or design brand. Does your logo reflect your company’s reputation? Are you proud of your business card or do you apologize for it as you hand it out? Do you have yard signs, brochures and even vehicle graphics that all match and match the “company identity” that you want to promote?

How is your website? Does it look professional and is it easy to navigate? Does it have good images and graphics? Is it optimized (SEO) for search rankings? If any of these questions confuse or worry you, please let the marketing professionals at Sign2Day help. 


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