The key to higher revenues in 2022 is effective marketing.

Sign2Day marketing approach for higher revenues through print marketing and digital marketing products and marketing strategies.Some business owners have trouble sleeping when thinking about how to bring in higher revenues. And in today’s world of rising inflation and higher salaries to attract quality employees, a good night’s sleep is harder and harder to come by.

If your business income has trended upward in recent years, invest some of the extra cushion into an expanded marketing campaign that will grow brand awareness. The goal is to force you to either grow your business OR turn away customers where margins are not as lucrative. Sometimes the smaller jobs are more trouble than they are worth.

If your business is flat or down year-over-year, then a marketing “shot in the arm” can only help. Some of the most successful business turnarounds include changing course or perspective during a slump. Here is a short Sign2Day marketing approach for higher revenues through print marketing and digital marketing products and marketing strategies.article to inspire you if you find your business model needs a shakeup. For those just starting out, be sure to use some of the start-up capital to create a professional image and start connecting to potential customers. There are ways to do it without spending a small fortune.

Consider these questions. What if that expertly-designed yard sign gets you a job in a neighborhood? What if that job gets you a referral? What if your company vehicle, complete with company graphics and content information, is seen by a neighbor? Imagine that they trust the judgement of the neighbor that hired you. What could those results net your company? These are all good questions that a small business owner should consider in their marketing plan.

Tim Fields has learned such valuable lessons from owning small businesses over the last three decades. These include creating a professional image and building a reputation for doing quality work. Those characteristics then become attached to a strong company brand. Tim is the president of Sign2Day. He and the Sign2Day marketing experts help others create professional brands and highly-effective marketing materials for higher revenues.


Building Your Business Brand for Higher Revenues

Sign2Day marketing approach for higher revenues through print marketing and digital marketing products and marketing strategies.From the very foundation of branding (logo and company colors), the Sign2day designers can help create the image that can be used across marketing collateral such as business cards, door hangers, websites, social media sites, direct mail postcards, vehicle wraps and just about anything you can think of to attract customers. Each marketing strategy is custom tailored for use on effective platforms in your company’s service area and for your budget. The idea is to build your company’s client base by tapping into local audiences searching for your service or product.

Digital Marketing for Higher Revenues

Sign2Day even offers content creation services that will organically boost your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) scores. This feeds the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) the “food” it craves. Supplying the right food for this “appetite” helps searchers using keywords find your company’s online listing. As your top-ranked listing gets clicks, it makes it stronger, because search engines “like” links that get more activity.

The more quality content you have on your website or social media outlets, the easier THEY can find you. Who are “They?” They are the people who have the money and need your product or service. Make sure your content is effective!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization with Sign2Day marketing company

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” Lee Odden, digital marketing expert

Sign2Day offers video production services, because video is the most engaging form of marketing when it comes to online collateral. It also does a great job of promoting a business’ professional image and adds to a website’s SEO score. People love to be educated and entertained through video. According to a recent study, Americans spend an average of six hours a day watching video content.

Video also allows you to transfer your enthusiasm for your product or service unlike any other medium. Sign2Day can create professional videos that make your company brand shine. And you, the business owner, can even create some “prosumer-quality” videos to share on social media. You can share some of your expert advice and easily upload it using just a smartphone and an app. Consumers will learn from you and will likely trust your skills when they need those skills to solve a problem.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” Michael Hyatt, marketing expert


Print Marketing for Higher Revenues

Logo Designs: Logos should have several elements including the company name; company color scheme, an image that communicates the company’s product or service; and a look that easily recognizable and relevant to the times (meaning, not using outdated fonts or images).

Business card design by Sign2DayBusiness Cards:  Business cards are usually the second impression you make with interacting with a potential client. Usually you have had the chance to meet the person; show your expertise in discussing your product or service; and now are ready to part company. Are you handing that person a card that reinforces the interaction you just had OR one that takes away and gives the impression your company image does not measure up?

Brochures: Printed brochures are a great communication tool for a company’s “story,” including products and services. A well designed brochure should have the company logo and colors; engaging images; well-written text; contact information, including a web address and social media locations to find more information about the business.

Yard Signs: These “tiny billboards” are a great way to get the attention of motorists and pedestrians. However, they need to be designed properly to catch the eye and communicate a message on a small surface in a short span of time. Again, the colors and fonts need to tie in with the company’s scheme and the message needs to be effective. This is a time to have a marketing professional work on a call-to-action piece that will get results.

Direct Mail Post Cards, Rack Cards and Door Hangers: These are simple, two-sided print pieces meant to impress, communicate and act as keepsakes for potential clients. They have a longer life than a business card, because of the size and general feeling that it is a costlier product and that, in the case of the door hanger, was personally delivered. These attributes, along with a professional design and print job, communicate a level or quality and professionalism that speaks volumes about your company.

Sign2Day marketing company for yard signs, brochures, vehicle wraps and moreVehicle Wraps: These rolling billboards are the latest and greatest way to create your own mobile marketing. In a world where traffic and personal phones exist, it is easy for your logo and contact info to be near a person in need of your service at any time of day. It can supplement your media in many ways. When parked at home or on a job site, it is like a yard sign. When on the road, it is like a billboard. When available for a photo, it is like a digital business card.


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