February is known as the “Love Month,” and we want you to love your 2022 marketing plan.

It all began when the Feast of Saint Valentine was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496, celebrated on February 14, in honor of Valentine of Rome who died on the same date in AD 269 and became a martyred saint. So the date — which is now synonymous with Valentine’s Day — has significance, but February is the Love month for those at the Sign2Day marketing company.it was in the 14th Century when it became associated with romantic love. If you would like to learn more about the second and shortest month of year, read a little further.

Now let’s discuss the love of marketing. The Sign2Day marketing professionals LOVE to discuss how to grow a company’s brand awareness, because it leads to results and higher profits for that company. And they love using all the tools in their digital marketing and print marketing tool chests. Thy also love combining these great pieces with an effective strategy to put more eyes on a company’s professional brand. These are the basics of marketing a good product or service.

Graphic design work by Sign2Day marketing company.The Sign2Day marketing experts also love the kinds words of clients.

“Tim is my go-to guy for ANY of my marketing. All of his work is top notch. Customer service might as well be Tim’s middle name. If you need printing or signs done for your business, look no further. Tim has you covered!” – David C.

And while you’re considering how Sign2Day might best help grow your company’s bottom line, read this interesting trivia about the second month of the year. Fact: February was not always the second month of the year.

Other Reasons to Love February

  • February was originally the last month of the calendar year. It was eventually moved in 450 B.C. to its place as the second month. This was done so the calendar would reflect a standard lunar year.
  • February is the Love month for those at the Sign2Day marketing company.February is packed with holidays and history. February 2nd is Groundhog Day; the 12th is Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday; the 14th is St. Valentine’s Day; the 15th is Chinese New Year and Susan B. Anthonys birthday; the 18th is President’s Day.
    and the 22nd is George Washington’s birthday.
  • The month of February is the only month that can pass without a full moon, in common years. The last time we witnessed such a scenario was last year (2018).
  • In common years, February starts on the same day of the week as March and November, and on leap years, it starts with the same day of the week as August.
  • February is American Heart Month; Black History Month; Bird-Feeding Month; and Dental Health Month.
  • Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in the month.
  • The Violet and the Primrose are the flowers for February.
  • February is named for the Latin word februum, which means purification.

And, the second month of the year is a day longer every four years. Do you know why? It’s because a common year has 365 days and a leap year 366 days, with the extra day designated as February 29th. A leap year occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year, or the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit around the sun, which is about 365¼ days.

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