Direct mail campaigns target the right customers and get your message directly into their hands.

Direct mail cards from Sign2DayDo you think direct mail campaigns are worth the money? Before you answer, check today’s mail for catalogs. Right now the load might be a little light, because it’s two months from Christmas. But within a couple weeks, you will be lucky to pick up the stack with one hand. You might think, “I don’t have the money to send tens of thousands of catalogs to everyone!” The good news is, you don’t need to do so to be successful. You just need to know the platform works, and design a great piece and scale it to your business model.

Direct mail used to be known as “junk mail.” But not anymore, because the old shotgun approach is now replaced with “targeted lists” for your specific product or service. The evolution of direct mail marketing has continued over the years, because more information is known about the recipients of the pieces. The amount of information known about consumers is being used for precise marketing campaigns.

Direct mail cards from Sign2DayIt was once known as just one of many mass communication vehicles. That industry started with newspapers, then radio and then television. Business owners bought a print ad or a commercial spot and hoped somebody would see it and react. Then direct mail came along. The Sears Christmas Catalog made it a huge industry. But the small advertiser couldn’t create such an exciting ad product. If they tried, they invested heavily. But soon, printing and delivery costs meant that marketers needed a better return on investment (ROI).

The advent of the internet, brought the idea of collecting information on a user and then delivering a message they might REALLY want. This meant other marketing platforms had to change to “targeting” or get left behind.


Keys to Direct Mail Marketing Success

Success in today’s world of direct mail marketing relies on several key points, all of which can be expertly handled by the Sign2Day marketing team.

Direct mail cards from Sign2DayThe first key point is designing an attractive mailer that clearly communicates your value proposition to the audience. The main things to communicate are an offer; your company’s professional brand; and the best way to contact the company. If the term “professional brand” made you do a double take at your logo, Sign2Day can create one for you.

The second key point is a reliable delivery method. And who better to deliver mail than the postal service, which has been doing it very well since 1775. Okay, maybe they haven’t been perfect in recent years, but delivery success rate is still better than 92 percent. And, using the Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program is affordable, allowing the business owner to keep more profits in their coffers.

The third key point — circling back to the targeted prospect — is a way to segment the audiences in the delivery areas. Sending direct mail pieces to everyone in an area is not usually very effective. However, it can be effective if you send postcards to your company’s perfect candidates that live in that area. These are the people that will be targeted by the Sign2Day marketing experts using demographics that match potential customers to your product and service.

Timing is Key

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the next few months will be congested when it comes to snail mail. However, the bells of the new year will signal the return of a few bills coming in the mailbox each day. That’s the time of year to get your message noticed. And give the potential customer reason to hold onto that marketing piece. It’s the difference of having a billboard at a high-traffic area of a city and having a poster on a crowded outfield wall of a minor league baseball stadium. Try not to get lost in the noise of other marketing messages.

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