Marketing now will ensure results during the busy fall season. Sign2Day experts can help put money in your pocket!


Marketing in August with Sign2DayIt’s “back-to-school season” and it’s “back-to-the-grind season” for business owners wanting a profitable last quarter of 2021.

Some might ask, “Why start now? Isn’t it too early and my marketing dollars will just go to waste?”

To that, we ask, why do back-to-school ads start more than a month before most do their shopping? Why are fake pumpkins and fall décor already on the shelves of local retailers? It’s because average shoppers look ahead, make mental notes and then make a purchase when their ready. Sometimes they purchase immediately, because they want something new and or have a fear of missing out.

Service businesses need to be ready when the customer is ready, because these purchases are often to solve an immediate problem. However, some consumers have certain deadlines, even when the urgency isn’t in play. Either way, your logo, review or another aspect of your brand NEEDS to be imprinted on a customer’s brain sooner AND later. It’s the same reason candidates start advertising LONG before election day. Name recognition is so important.

Sign2Day yard signThis all means you should be marketing now for fall results. People know what the busy “fall” is all about. Some of those things are chores and some involve professional services for the house. Homeowners are contemplating and keeping their eyes open. If they see a professional logo on a vehicle, yard sign, billboard, business card, direct mail piece, etc…, they will search it. They will look at images, read reviews and make notes in their phone. A professional look or a recommendation will likely cause a move to the phone or the online contact form.

Contact us at Sign2Day soon about new marketing materials to get in front of the buying public. As soon as September arrives, the fall buying frenzy begins.

Sign2Day Marketing Reviews

“This company is cutting edge when it comes to signs that get noticed, I’ve never had faster shipping!”Josh R.

“Kim was super responsive to all my emails and questions. It’s refreshing to experience the great customer service these guys offer. My new signs look awesome!”Brent G.

“Quick turn around on web development. Kind responsive staff. They know their business!” Samuel H.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization with Sign2Day marketing companyContact Us in August for Your Marketing Needs

If you would like more information on our marketing strategies and collateral, contact us here. We offer digital and print marketing expertise. The Sign2Day artists can create a brand and the accompanying marketing materials to make your business attractive to potential customers. Click here to see a sample of our products and even shop online.

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