Spring is here. Is your 2021 marketing plan complete and ready to guide your growth strategy?

Sign2Day marketing company for designs and strategy for resultsEveryone can probably agree that 2020 was a strange year. The Covid-19 pandemic affected all businesses, mostly in a negative way. Some were able to adapt, while others were handcuffed and had revenues dragged down in a big way. But things are now changing. Consumer confidence is strong and the job marketing is continuing to rebound, as millions are vaccinated. Many believe that the last three quarters of 2021 will be strong, because of many factors heading in the right direction. But, if you don’t get your marketing plan in order, you could miss out on reaping the rewards of a surging economy.

These good times often bring out every one who thought of starting a business. That means, you’re likely to have more competitors in the market. It also means that start ups may be looking to undercut your price and steal market share. Resist the temptation to devalue your services, because that’s bad for long-term success. What it does mean, is that you should invest in your brand and build on what you have built. Use the strength of your current client base — communicating with them — and build it by adding the new customers that will stay for years.

Folding sign design by Sign2DayThe Sign2Day marketing experts want you to have professional advertising materials and a strategy for print and digital platforms. After all, these are where people turn with confidence — or apprehension — for goods and services. Print displays should look professional and have a clear message. Digital marketing assets need to come with reviews (testimonials), because a professional look without compelling stories of great experiences won’t help with conversions. Converting inquiries is the top priority in digital marketing. 

Take time now to evaluate your print materials and overall brand. Does your logo and your colors look good? Are you proud of your business card or explain why some information is wrong? Do you have yard signs, brochures and direct mail pieces that all match and match your “company brand” you’re promoting?

Is your website up to date and effective at communicating your company’s value proposition? Does it have good images and graphics? Is it optimized (SEO) for search rankings that put you above your competitors? If any of these questions confuse or worry you, please let the marketing professionals at Sign2Day help. 


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