If you’re hoping to grow your business in 2021, then we want to help you with that New Year’s resolution!

New Year's Resolutions for in marketingThe year is still very young and the ink on the New Year’s resolutions list is still fresh. What’s on your list? Well, we can’t help much with a desire to lose weight, read your Bible or even spend more time with family and friends. But, our marketing specialists can help you grow your business while you focus on those personal goals.

Regularly evaluating your company’s marketing collateral and strategy is always a good idea, and the new year is a great time to do so. If your business grew in 2020, then consider adding to your marketing budget for greater gains. If your business was flat or down, we recommend a shift in strategy. We can help with marketing materials and marketing strategy that drive results to grow or bring back revenue.

Why Hire Sign2Day for Marketing Results?

“Sign2Day handles our business marketing needs. Whether its yard signs, gift cards or magnets for our truck, Sign2day has us covered. Tim’s proven designs provide us with the professional advertising results that we require. Thank you!”— Brian S.

Brian is just one of many satisfied Sign2Day clients. Quality products matched up with sound marketing strategies are what we use to get results.

For more reasons to consider us as your “marketing department,” read more of our client reviews here.


Marketing Materials

Sign2Day marketing company for designs and strategy for resultsDo you have a solid brand? In other words, do you have a logo, colors and/or any other elements the public strongly associates with your business? If so, you’re likely ready to expand your marketing horizons. Even if your brand needs a refresh, it will likely be an easy pivot that can lead to exciting results. Brand is important, as it ties the feelings of your current and potential clients to your company. Current customers recall how you helped them. Potential customers will “judge the book by it’s cover,” which are your branding materials.

Once the brand is set, Sign2Day artists can create print collateral, such as business cards, fliers, brochures, door hangers, yard signs, direct mail postcards, etc…These can then be used to build advertising campaigns, based on your budget. Sign2Day artists can also create websites, with search engine optimization (SEO) services, videos and all the digital components to doing online marketing. We even do larger marketing initiatives, like fully-wrapped vehicles, for the “rolling billboard” impact in your area.


Marketing Strategy

Sign2Day marketing company for designs and strategy for resultsOnce the brand is set and the budget is projected, Sign2Day marketing experts can help advise the best way to use both to bring in new clients. We believe in targeted marketing. That means we identify the audience that is likely to be interested in your product or service and go directly to them. It might be as simple as having a quality website and an attractive direct mail piece that drives the targeted audience to your “virtual office door.”

No matter the market and the budget, we can help you make wise decisions for building a solid customer list. Then, your product, service and customer service can turn those new customers into lifelong clients and advocates among their community. People love to recommend “their guy (or girl)” to those have have similar needs that your service company can handle, making the advocate look good.


Contact Us for Marketing Help in 2021

For more information on marketing materials or marketing strategies, contact us here. To set up an account and order products from our online shop, click here.

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