Has the pandemic put you in a position to become an entrepreneur? We can help with marketing your new business and building your client roster.

New business marketing for success with Sign2DaySome of the most successful businesses were started and built during economic downturns. Netflix, Airbnb, Trader Joe’s and Sports Illustrated are some of the most recognizable brands that began during recessions. So now that you have made the choice to follow in those footsteps, it’s time to make some important decisions. Obviously, the first steps include getting the business officially established and acquiring the necessary equipment to serve your customers. Marketing should be high on that list, because customers ultimately pay your salary and the bills.

Don’t make the mistake of saying, “I’ll do some marketing as soon as the money starts coming in.” That has been uttered by many a failed business owner. The good news for new entrepreneurs in the current culture, is that it doesn’t cost much to build a solid brand and start target marketing.

Build Your New Company’s Brand

Direct mail cards from Sign2DayYour brand consists on many things, not the least of which is your commitment to customer service. This is one element that we can’t help with, so let’s discuss the collateral that Sign2Day’s marketing experts can create. Remember, your company name, colors and artwork should reflect  who you are and appeal to the average potential customer in need of your service or product. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential client when making these decisions.

Yard signs and door hangers by Sign2DayOnce you – the new business owner – have worked with us on your elements, we can work together to build your logo and corresponding collateral, based on your budget. Sign2Day artists can create print collateral, such as business cards, fliers, brochures, door hangers, yard signs, direct mail postcards, etc…These can then be used to build advertising campaigns. Our artists can also create websites, with search engine optimization (SEO) services, videos and all the digital components to doing online marketing. We even do larger marketing initiatives, like fully-wrapped vehicles, for the “rolling billboard” impact in your area.

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Contact Us for Marketing Your New Business

If you would like more information on our marketing strategies and collateral, contact us here. We want to make you a satisfied client – like those listed below – and help build your new business.

Marketing Testimonials

“Can’t go wrong hiring Tim (Fields of Sign2Day) for your marketing material. Super easy process and I’m over the top happy with the design and the quality of the material. Will be ordering again in the near future!”  – Anthony A.


“Tim is my go-to guy for ANY of my marketing. All of his work is top notch. Customer service might as well be Tim’s middle name. If you need printing or signs done for your business, look no further. Tim has you covered!” – David C.

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