Summer time means more daylight hours for drivers to see messages on well-designed yard signs.

Yard sign design and printing by Sign2Day marketing companyWell-designed yard signs, like those pictured here, can be highly-effective at anytime of year, but NOW is a great time to get them printed and put up in high-traffic areas. Now we know this summer will be different, because some are staying inside. The fear of COVID-19 and subsequent health issues is driving business down. However, those that are in the market for your product or service will still make a choice to spend. That choice will either be with you or one of your competitors.

Now is the time to be in front of the buying public with a custom yard sign featuring your professional brand. Some might wonder if such a sign will really be effective. The answer is “yes,” but don’t just take our word for it.

Research Proves Yard Signs Work

Researchers from Vanderbilt University put yard sign efficacy to the test.

Researchers planted signs advertising a fictitious candidate for city council along a heavily traveled corridor near an elementary school. Three days after the signs went up for “Ben Griffin,” the school’s PTO emailed a survey to parents asking them to select their top three choices for a council at-large seat.

The survey included seven names: Five actual candidates, the fictitious Griffin and another fictitious candidate never previously mentioned. A quarter of respondents listed the fictitious candidate with the signs among their top-three. A control group picked from another part of town – voters unlikely to see the fictitious candidate’s signs – named him on only 14 percent of their survey. Read More…

Yard sign design and printing by Sign2Day marketing companyThe marketing experts at Sign2Day also tracked the results of their signs over the years. One case study produced seven jobs from seven new clients, totaling close to $4,000.00. The lifetime value of that one $15.00 dollar sign is likely to exceed $10,000.00. That is a return on investment (ROI) that is nearly impossible to beat in the advertising world.

Not every location and not every sign is going to produce that kind of result, but Sign2Day’s premium design service will bring great results when displayed to the right audience. But the key to results is that the signs are well-designed. This means the message, logo and contact information can be easily read in the 1.8 seconds an average driver gives to marketing messages.

Sign2Day’s Yard Sign Success

Yard sign design and printing by Sign2Day marketing companyOur marketing pros produced one sign for a gutter cleaning business that resulted in over $1,500.00 worth of work, all coming from within a two block radius of a neighborhood. This was all from just one sign! If you would like to get a free quote, click here. To shop our online store, click here.

We are happy to help you tell your world about your business. Remember, you may have a great solution to someone’s problems, but they may never have their problems solved unless they know about your solution. Our yard signs can tell them you have the solution.

“This company is cutting edge when it comes to signs that get noticed and I’ve never had faster shipping. Thanks Tim!” – Josh R., owner/operator of Carolina Clean WNY and We Hang Christmas Lights Buffalo.

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