Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is key for search engine rankings and getting found by those looking for the answers that you may have for their need or want.

Online marketing with search optimization packages by Sign2Day marketing companyMany people in the business world hear the acronym SEO when it comes to marketing, but may not know exactly what that means. Many just know that their business has a website, but without SEO, their site just isn’t as good as the one with SEO. And yes, that is kind of true. But SEO is not a thing, it is a strategy to give search engines what they want to give searchers: good results.

We tell people to start with a good website that is set up with solid page titles and content using relevant keywords. Keywords are words the average person would use to search on Google, Bing, etc…to find your business or service. All images on the pages should also be searchable. This is done on the administrative side of the website where titles and descriptions are added.

Once your site is set up correctly, the content immediately starts aging, which is where the Sign2Day SEO Service comes inOnline marketing with search optimization packages by Sign2Day marketing company to help. Basically each business is fighting to get to the top of the list that comes up with every keyword search. The best way to “please” the search engine gods is to consistently add fresh, relevant, keyword-rich content through blogs, page content and tagged images. Oh, and the search engines give extra-credit for content that scores well on their “readability scale.”

Sign2Day’s SEO experts and content creators will regularly produce content and add it to your site to “feed the search engines.” In addition to the content that shows up on the pages of your website, your business’s keywords will be used in the admin side of the site for categories, titles, tags and descriptions for the perfect recipe of “SEO Gumbo.”

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