Yard Signs would have gotten a fictitious candidate elected in Tennessee, according to this article.

yard signs from sign2daySome marketing is guesswork. Some marketing is tested and proven. And, some marketing tactics fall somewhere in between, often leaving clients wanting a little more. Well, to be honest, clients always want a little more when it comes to “bang” for their “marketing buck.”

The pros at Sign2Day believe a well-designed, well-placed yard sign will get results. Not only do we think so, but poll any real estate company in any Yard Signtown across the country and you will hear this: “Our yard signs generate the most calls.”

Now it seems some researchers from Vanderbilt University put this to the test and got similar results, proving us and the realtors right.

Researchers planted signs advertising a fictitious candidate for city council along a heavily traveled corridor near an elementary school. Three days after the signs went up for “Ben Griffin,” the school’s PTO emailed a survey to parents asking them to select their top three choices for a council at-large seat.

The survey included seven names: Five actual candidates, the fictitious Griffin and another fictitious candidate never previously mentioned. A quarter of respondents listed the fictitious candidate with the signs among their top-three. A control group picked from another part of town – voters unlikely to see the fictitious candidate’s signs – named him on only 14 percent of their survey. Read More…

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