Tim Wagner posted on the worldwide web for all to see “Just got a package full of awesomeness from Tim Fields and www.sign2day.com. Gonna make some money off of these”. Thanks Tim!

Tim mentioned making money but he failed to mention all of the money his customers will save on home maintenance and cleaning gutters in central Massachusetts

Tim W. was so excited that he forgot to post a sign so I posted a digitally re-touched image for you to see. Also pictured is a real live action shot of his previous sign. One of the nicer image building signs that you will find. It is nice to have a sweet sign that makes people feel good about you. But it’s better to have an effective sign that makes the phone ring. Good feelings. Phone ringing. What do you want from passing motorists?


UPDATE: Fourteen hours after Mr. Wagner posted his compliments to the trade group for all to see, I received this communication from Tim.  “Can I order another ten with stakes? Process the order the same as before.”  Something must be working. Thank you Tim Wagner.

Wagner sign from blog with new on topWagner sign from his blog

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